I began studying with Andrew King in September 2008.  Andrew was a second year graduate student at the Hartt School and I was, and currently am, a music history major at Hartt.  As part of the program, the student must take 4 years of lessons on their instrument, in this case, piano.  I was assigned to Andrew that year and have been studying with him ever since.  He was my teacher at Hartt for only that year since he graduated and I had to move on to other instructors.  I continued to work with him over vacations, semester breaks, and summers while I studied with two other instructors who were also graduate students.  Because of his excellent teaching and caring nature, I have continued to work with him. After finishing my four years at Hartt, I continue to work with Andrew.

I have found him to be very knowledgeable and a wonderful pianist as well as an excellent teacher.  His patience is amazing!  He is always willing to work with the student to make sure he/she understands the material presented.  Andrew also considers each student’s abilities and adjusts his lessons according to what the student is capable of and then, sometimes, a little beyond as a challenge.  He is willing to adapt to different situations.  Two years ago, as I was about to begin study with him during the summer, I fell off my bicycle and broke my wrist.  I wrote him and explained the situation to him and he suggested that we begin anyway since he could teach me the technique with my left hand and when the right hand healed, the left hand could teach it.  The technique we were working on was that of Dorothy Taubman, whose work is also very helpful for those with hand injuries.  He is the first teacher I know of to teach using that method of instruction and it makes playing much easier since there is no strain and allows for faster and smoother playing. 

Andrew is extremely patient and is a very caring person.  He is always willing to show me how to do something I don’t understand and illustrates it on the piano.  He is also interested in other things his students are involved in.  I also sing with the West Hartford Women’s Chorale and Andrew has come to some of our concerts at my invitation and he has also come to the studio recital for the voice instructor I also study with.  I have never heard him raise his voice in either anger or frustration.

I am very happy with the instruction I have received from Andrew King and plan on continuing studies with him in the future.  I am looking forward to the sharing program he is having with other students on July 20, 2013.

-Peggy Gosselin, West Hartford, CT



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